Competency Management Solutions

Competency Management is the acquisition and maintenance of the skills and knowledge required by organizations to deliver products and services of high quality to their customers.

Competency Management ensures that your organization has all the functional and behavioral skills required to function at its optimum level.

Benefits of Competency Management

  • Competency Management ensures that your staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver on your business goals.
  • Increased revenue as your business diversifies into newer areas.
  • Competency Management builds employee satisfaction and confidence.  This results in better retention.
  • Improves team spirit and the work ethos of the organization.
  • Competency reduces costs due to rework due to quality issues.

Competency Management makes sure that your organization does not lose skills or knowledge when employees leave.  A repository of skills is always maintained within the organization.

We provide comprehensive end-to-end competency management solutions for your organization. We ensure that your organization and your employees are always equipped with all the skills they need to deliver quality products and services.  You can rest assured that all the training needs of your organization are being taken care of, while you focus on your core business.

Our Approach

We provide hassle-free end-to-end comprehensive training solutions. Competency Management refers to the development and maintenance of skills necessary for the normal functioning of an organization.

Competency is measured at three levels within the organization.

  • The Organizational Competency
  • The Departmental Competency
  • The Job level Competency

We start by understanding the strategic objectives and vision of your organization. Based on this, we develop the organizational competency mapping for each department and job role. Once this is finalized, the Competency and Skill assessment for each employee are carried out and the Training Need Analysis is completed. Subsequently, we develop the Training Programs and plan the Training Calendar.

This comprehensive method ensures that each employee in the organization is provided with both functional and behavioural training that is customized to his/her job role.

Steps in the Competency Management Process

  • Job Analysis

The competency needed for each position in the organization is compiled.  We do this in consultation with the senior management and the departmental heads.  We create a profile for each position in the organization.  We then list the competencies required for each job profile.

  • Competency Mapping

The competency mapping identifies the present competencies available in the organization vis a vis the required competencies listed from the job analysis.

The competency mapping is done at the organizational, departmental and the individual levels.  The mapping is done using a number of methods, such as questionnaires, tests, on-the-job observation by superiors, 360 degree feedback from colleagues.  etc.  Once the mapping is done, it is compared with the competency requirements for the job profile.

  • Competency Gap Identification

When the competency map is compared with the competency requirements, the gaps in the competencies can be seen.  The competency gap identification helps us to formulate the Training Need Analysis.

  • Training Need Analysis

Once the gaps in the competencies are identified, we plan the training intervention that can address the gaps and develop the required skills in the employees.   The Training Need Analysis gives a list of areas in which training is required.  The Training Need Analysis is the basis on which training programs are designed.  

  • Developing the Training Programs
Based on the Training Need Analysis, we develop the training programs.  The programs are designed for classroom as well as online trainings.  Each program is designed by experienced course designers in consultation with domain experts.  Once the training programs are developed, they are rolled out across the organization.  

Competency Mapping and Training have tangible benefits which can be measured along with a clear return on investment.  So, get in touch with us and we will develop a solution that takes care of all your competency management needs while you focus on your core business.