Elearning Solutions

Elearning is learning using electronic means.  Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to learn using the internet or the smartphone.  This is a method of learning that is increasingly finding acceptance in academics as well as corporate training.  

Elearning increases access to training regardless of the location.  The learning can access the training content at his convenience.  Companies benefit from Elearning as they are able to train many people in a cost effective manner.  

What we offer

We offer end-to-end Elearning solutions.  Our solutions are based on the Training Needs Analysis of your organization and offer a comprehensive set of program covering all your technical and behavioural training needs.

Our products are designed by experienced content developers.  We take into account the individual needs of your employees and your organization.  The programs are designed to maximise understanding and retention of the concepts and to add value to your organization.

Our Design

Our programs are designed with the latest design tools and based on scientific learning theories and techniques.  Delivered in the latest SCORM and TinCAN format, our programs can be readily uploaded to your Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Making training fun and interactive.  Gamification takes the stress out of learning and encourages employees to participate in training.  

Gamified learning modules also help people remember what they have learnt.  Games can simulate real life situations and can offer a virtual experience of field operations.  


MicroLearning is the use of bite-sized information in the form of illustrations, images, text cards, etc to training people.  MicroLearning can be used to training people who are constantly on the move and may be difficult to reach with traditional methods of training.

Learners can learn at their own pace and convenience at small intervals.  

Immersive Learning (Virtual Reality)

Immersive learning places the learner in a virtual world using virtual reality software and a smartphone.  The user is able to visualize the object of learning, such as a machine, and is able to learn about its construction and operation.  

Virtual Reality based learning is ideal for industrial training where the learners can be transported virtually to the equipment location itself.

 Augmented Reality

Augmented reality places layers of virtual training content over a real environment.  For instance, learners wearing special glasses can tour a factory.  When they approach an equipment, the training content appears on their VR glasses or their smartphones.  

Augmented Reality brings the best of Real-Life Training and Virtual Reality.  

Advantages of ELearning

 Elearning offers many advantages over traditional learning.  Some of them are

  • The learner can access the course anytime and multiple times.  
  • Training is made available to a large number of people.
  • The content can be accessed from a smartphone.  
  • Employees do not have to be pulled from their routine activities for training.  
  • Visuals and animation that can aid learning can be designed and made available.  
  • Different faculty members can participate in the training from different locations.  
  • The training cost is significantly reduced.  

Elearning can greatly help build the competency in your organization.  It makes training easy, effective and economical.  

 Call us.  Let’s work together to design the best ELearning strategy for your organization.