Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation is an important skill we use in everyday life.  Organizations are involved in negotiations with clients, vendors and with different departments within.  Negotiations, when properly done, can resolve conflict and create goodwill and trust. It is therefore essential that employees are trained in conducting negotiations in a positive and confident manner.

Duration: 1 day

Mode: Classroom / Online

Benefits for the organization

Negotiation skills help employees to make better agreements with clients and suppliers.  Negotiation skills help employees understand the long term interests of your customers and to proactively move to address them and create enduring business relationships. 

Course Contents

What is a Negotiation ?
Objectives and Interests in Negotiations
Examples of Negotiations
Strategic Calculations in Negotiations

Credentials of a Negotiator
Discussion Style
Asking Questions
Icebreakers and their use

Learning about the issue
Understanding the Stakeholders
Involving everyone
Importance of Documentation

Location of the Negotiation
Dressing for a Negotiation
Listening Skills
Guiding the conversation

Handling Anger
Empathizing Skills
Plan B
Developing plan B

Understanding Interests
Vested Interests
Special Interests

Interests of the opposite side
Individual interests vs team interests
Developing the Interest Matrix

Before Negotiating
While Negotiating
Redlines - Definition


Third Party Negotiators
When they are used
Need for Third Party Negotiators
Types of Third Party Negotiators

Personality Types
Empowerment of the parties

Negotiating Strategy
Formulation and execution
Duration of the Negotiation
Significance of Time in a Negotiation

Making concessions
BATNA and its significance
Negotiating tactics
Handling offensive negotiators

Handling expectations in negotiations
Controlling communications in negotiations
Negotiating in a distrustful environment
Influencing and Persuasion

Developing a win-win agreement
Sustainability of outcomes

Why choose us

At the Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, we have trained over 5000 professionals on a wide range of corporate and management trainings from many organizations and companies, from diverse domains,  around the world.  We have a team of highly motivated and experienced team of trainers.  Our trainings are designed to blend theoretical concepts with field experience.  The concepts and techniques you will learn will be illustrated with case studies from the field, role plays and simulations.

Rest assured that at the end of the training programs, you will emerge confident and energized armed with skills and knowledge as well as the techniques of applying them.