About Us

     At the Institute of Corporate and Industrial Training, we have over 20 years of experience in conducting training for organizations and individuals.  Over the years we have trained numerous companies and organizations from diverse domains from across the world.

We have delivered comprehensive competency management solutions, functional and behavioural trainings and E-Learning Solutions.

  • Our Training Programs

    We have trained personnel in corporate trainings, such as soft skills trainings, negotiations trainings, conflict management and others.  We have also delivered on-site industrial trainings to clients.

    Each of our training programs is individually customized to suit the clients’ organizational and individual needs.  We study each requirement to design a training program which delivers the desired skills to the participants while meeting the larger organizational objectives. Our training programs are designed keeping in mind the needs of different levels and functions within the organizations.

    By presenting ideas in a manner which is easy to learn and retain, training becomes an enjoyable experience with the active engagement of the participant.

  • Competency Management Services

    We provide end-to-end competency mapping and management services.  We take care of all your training needs while you focus on your core business.  Our Competency Management Solutions are designed with your business and its unique requirements in mind.

    We identify the competency and training needs of your employees and handle the training programs and evaluate the business and its impact on your business processes. Click here to learn more

  • Why choose us

    At the Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, we have trained over 5000 professionals on a wide range of corporate and management trainings from many organizations and companies, from diverse domains,  around the world.  We have a team of highly motivated and experienced team of trainers.  Our trainings are designed to blend theoretical concepts with field experience.  The concepts and techniques you will learn will be illustrated with case studies from the field, role plays and simulations.

Rest assured that at the end of the training programs, you will emerge confident and energized armed with skills and knowledge as well as the techniques of applying them.